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Cambodia Harvest of Hope Children's HIV Centre.

Western Australia Harvest of Hope Rehabilitation Centre.

Our Program

Proven and Established
Harvest of Hope will operate from the existing program of House of Hope Christian Rehabilitation Centre, Philippines. The two organisations have entered a cooperative union with knowledge support and staff interchange approved at Board level.

House of Hope has been in operation for fourteen successful years and is a government endorsed facility with over thirty full-time staff. The program adopted from this existing organization is fully established and has a proven track record of successfully releasing hundreds of men from drug and alcohol addiction.

Residents enter into a one year intensive program. During the course, each resident passes through a number of periodical phases. These are based on successful progression to each subsequent recovery stage. Phases demonstrate the achievement of program milestones and adherence to policy guidelines.

Four Phases of Rehabilitation
The program focuses on a holistic approach that encompasses four areas of rehabilitation:

• Individual Spiritual Renewal
• Social Integration with Community
• Physical Restoration
• Vocational Training

As residents progress through the rehabilitation cycle, each area is worked through conceptually and practically under the guidance of close relational mentoring.

Relational Mentoring
Rehabilitation within Harvest of Hope is supported by a continuous relational mentoring process. Every intake resident is assigned a personal mentor for the duration of the one year program. The allocated Mentor is accountable for the resident's safety and oversees his spiritual, social and physical well being. This task, however, is shared through a number of other Mentor relationships that are established during the course of the program.

All staff within the program make themselves available to all residents. The ethos of 'Brothers in harmony' is an integral element of the program's success (Psalm 133:1).

Government Endorsement
A public benevolent institution

Proven Program
Fourteen years successfully reclaiming precious lives