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Cambodia Harvest of Hope Children's HIV Centre.

Western Australia Harvest of Hope Rehabilitation Centre.

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Harvest of Hope Children's HIV Centre - Cambodia
Harvest of Hope HIV Centre is a children's ministry that addresses the needs of the impoverished within an outer province of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The centre is Christ focussed, staffed by Christians and nurses to reach out to a village of over 500 people. Many in this area are HIV infected and no medical support or NGO's are currently present. People often turn to superstitious remedies for treating illness and disease. Often these remedies cause more harm than good.
Harvest of Hope HIV Centre has two purposes. Firstly, to establish relationships with the village community through the free administration of modern medical procedures, schooling and the provision of nourishing daily meals, showing faith through good deeds (Matt. 5:16, Jas. 2:16, Eph. 2:10). Secondly to show the love of Jesus Christ to those that have not heard nor know the good news.

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Harvest of Hope Rehabilitation Centre
The rehabilitation center is to be rurally located approximately one to two hours from the Perth CBD. This is to be a farm style property of twenty plus acres of usable agricultural land. The property will be able to accommodate up to fifty residents and staff in segregated dorms and single room accommodation.

The facility will be purpose built utilizing sustainable energy methods and constructed from recycled environmentally friendly products. The purpose of this is to further showcase the facility's construction as an energy efficient rehabilitation centre that additionally cultivates organic produce.

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The Christian Network
The Christian Network is Australia's most comprehensive Christian webmagazine. It contains articles, music, testimony and devotions.TCN offers an extensive directory of local churches and Christian missions. Each have their own image, biography and contact details.

TCN is your one-stop-shop for Christian organisations. It allows you to literally see how large God’s world is – locally and internationally. The Christian Network (TCN) is a supporter of Harvest of Hope.

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Street Chaplains - Cross Cultural Missionaries
The staff of Harvest of Hope are highly experienced volunteer Street Chaplains and cross cultural missionaries. Street Chapliancy is an initiative of Perth Bible College and Urban Mission WA. The experience gained by staff working late nights on the streets of Northbridge builds a deep understanding of those afflicted with chemical addiction and provides a 'coal face' relationship with the socially marginalised and homeless. In addition, staff are holders of theological degrees and actively continue studies that enhance their ability to serve those suffering from substance abuse.

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