Harvest of Hope has procured 4.3 acres of rural land 1 hour North East of Perth, Western
Australia. In line with the organisation’s constitution and mission, this property is to be utilised
to establish a post drug and Alcohol rehabilitation after care program operating as a ‘Sober
Living Home”.

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Sober Living Home
A sober living home is a residential facility for individuals recovering from substance abuse.
Sober living homes have been proven to increase the likelihood that recovering addicts will
achieve abstinence, as shown in many studies. A sober living home (sometimes called a halfway
house) operates as a bridge between an inpatient facility and the “real world.” For many people
in recovery, moving into a sober living home after treatment makes the difference between
going back to their old habits or continuing the path of sobriety. For many in early recovery,
sober living homes provide their only option for a safe, abstinence living scenario.

There are many benefits to staying in a sober-living home, including attending post recovery
programs, creating structure, accountability, and developing a sober fellowship. The facility will
enable the development of positive friendships (with likeminded individuals) helping to
reinforce the desire to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Harvest of Hope’s Sober Living Home will act as a supplement to an individual’s recovery. It is
an alternative to going from an immersive care environment straight to an unstructured
environment at home. The accommodation will replicate normal, everyday life situations while
instilling healthy habits, which in turn help to reduce the chance of relapse.
Goals to aiding recovery that will be supported:

• Making amends with friends and family members affected by one’s substance abuse
• Finding a job
• Locating housing after treatment
• Adjusting to sober living in an unstructured environment
• Providing subsidized shared accommodation

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